Refer a friend

We may give you an opportunity to invite and tell your friends, family and friends (“friends”) about our services. If you choose to use the type of forwarding, we will automatically send your friend, email address, one or more emails or other communications, on behalf of you, invite them to visit or register on their website and Somapal service. You need to have your permission for your friend to give us his or her information for that purpose, and you will not give us the referral information for anyone who is not allowed to use the Internet and Services pages of Somapal, including, without limitation, a child’s age less than 13 years old, who already account stopped or quenched, or resident or located in areas used by the websites and services Somapal not allowed.

Registered and used by visitors to your site

You agree not to use Somapal service networks, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Interest, blogs or other social media sites or websites: (i) violates any local, state, national or international; (ii) pursuing, harassing, or damaging another person; (iii) collecting or storing personal data to visit other sites or registered users; (iv) identify anyone else, or else he / she identifies your identity; (v) interfering, disturbing or infringing upon the terms and conditions of use of Services or servers or networks connected to Services; or obey the terms, rules, policies, or regulations of such networks; (vi) interferes with other visitor visits to the site or user registration of the user; (vii) attempt to obtain unauthorized services from Services, or other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to Services; (viii) transmits any viruses containing viruses, worms, riding horses, or other contaminated or destructive items; (ix) use Services to carry out any activity or to comply with any illegal activity or any other activity that breaches the rights of other persons; (x) motor vehicles, merchandise, business, auction or otherwise generate income by providing other services; (xi) use of bed bugs, requesting or drying the order to reach work, participation or competition, dramatic or other activities.

Rights of the content

You agree that the address, ownership rights, and other intellectual property rights of the Services will remain in Somapal and / or licensors and suppliers. You acknowledge that the content of the Website and Services – including but not limited to text, images, images, images, software, or other content contained in the two Somapal, Payments, Client, is prohibited by Somapal.