What Somapal does?

Somapal is that the place to be! Somapal is your neighborhood classified advertisement posting website that aims at creating life less complicated for its users. Somapal.com is that the most straightforward thanks to search, free education to exchange visiting as users, to move for common or complementary interests at intervals or across native communities in Africa.

Our visitors and students have for never applied stress on straightforward processes. Driven by this preference, we’ve got promoted the website on key pillars of simplicity & good applications for the classified offered good capacity building.

Why use Somapal.com?

Easy to use – Somapal.com has been created keeping you in mind. You’ll access the data quicker through class browsing & straightforward search.

Quick response – we offer a strong platform for the students to showcase their offers & receive fast response. The ads area unit clearly visible across the website which provides it most visibility to the users. As associate student, you will conjointly use the “push to top” feature content that allows you to be high education and still reach intent on most users.

Somapal also offers job search services and access to the easy way to search and get for a job, as well as provide quality education for 6 months, meaning 1 semester for full recovery revision and capacity building to your faculty.

When you want to become a site-friendly student, this is easy, you can do the following on the page free education, click enroll to register and fill the form you will see, then open your Gmail inbox verify the link sent by Somapal. After that, you are highly landed to be student will be learning directly at your home on Somapal, unlimited.

You will see the dashboard or platform course you are selected, three commonly viewed overview section including pdf files, ppt files as well as video tutorial and curriculum of the subject from 15 lesson or chapters as you learn day by day and right side you will get the instructor or director of Somapal.

Project Coordinator Somapal

He is the principal and superintendent of Somapal, his job is easily to deliver you to your home free education to learn at this website. Ali Osman Abdulle is a Kenyan student who graduated from primary and high school as well obtained a KCPE and KCSE in Kenya and he graduated public administration as undergraduate and post- graduate by the University of Jordan.